When I used to be a Vampire

October 30, 2010 § 8 Comments

Of course I was a vampire, they’re the intelligent, powerful ones (and good-looking too), and that’s what I always wanted to be. Was it because I wanted all the girls to like me? Probably. Or maybe it was the ability to fly and transcend everyone else. But I wouldn’t rule out the girl theory.

It’s so hard to be sure, those Halloweens were so long ago. But I think I can still taste the plastic from those chewable blood capsules. Ironically, the fangs I wore made it more difficult to break them open.

What about you? Any childhood memories you’d like to share?


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§ 8 Responses to When I used to be a Vampire

  • What a great post! Witches were always my thing, because you got to wear long dresses. When we were young my sister wore a sheet to dress up as a ghost, forgot to cur any eye holes and walked into a lamp post….

    • Thank you so much, and thank you for sharing that wonderful story! You walked into a lamppost, that’s hilarious. 🙂 Every time I see the word lamppost I think of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

  • I once hid my Halloween candy and forgot where it was. I found it 7 months later on Easter looking for eggs.

    • That must have been a really exciting and funny experience! I never hid my candy, I ate almost all of it right after I got home, always making myself extremely sick, lol. I wouldn’t stop eating candy until I actually couldn’t bear having anymore sugar, it was like a test of my devotion to the candy. I was very devoted. 🙂

  • melcisum says:

    I also always wanted to be a vampire when I was 10 years old or older. (And so, I’d take my oppurtunity at Halloween to dress as one.) At the time, I had read every vampire novel series out there, and the lifestyle is appealing. I mean, realistically, you get to “neck” with what is always a very attractive vampire, and instead of of a strange STD or infection, you aqquire immortality. Also, during that time, you amass a wealth of wordly goods, and if all the books are correct, you’d get a life long partner who is every bit as committed to you as you are to them. Very romantic for a young girl. I must admit, as embarrasing as it is… I still find myself enjoying the Twilight series for these reasons. Great blog!

    • I know what you mean about the vampire allure, I think vampires are like earth-bound angels. They’re beautiful, powerful, intelligent, immortal, and beyond the capabilities of humans, the perfect character for a romance novel. And they’ve got just enough “conflict” elements to keep the story interesting, the various limitations on them really provide some great drama.

      Thank you so much for reading my blog, with all the great photos on yours I’m sure you’ll have people stopping by often. 🙂

  • sara says:

    I don’t have a specific Halloween memory, but I do remember that when I was little, I always wanted to be the scary one. I always wanted to be the witch or the vampire or the grim reaper. Most other girls my age I remember always wanted to be something cute or something pretty. I always felt different for wanting to be terrifying, but infinitely more badass.

    • {Gasp!} A woman who has lost touch with her feminine side! I’m kidding. 🙂 Being scary is the whole fun of Halloween, you have all the rest of the year to look pretty, what was wrong with those other girls!?

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